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preschool classroom at So Big Child Development Center




child playing with giant blocks at So Big Child Development Center
graphic of a child
graphic of a child
graphic of a child

Preschoolers learn to recognize their first and last name and begin writing them.  They also learn how to hold scissors and cut, as well as hold writing tools such as crayons and pencils in the correct way to help them journey into writing.

child painting at So Big Child Development Center

In our preschool there is a concentration on listening and following rules as well as how to interact with other children and how to express and identify their feelings.


There is also a focus on self help skills such as putting away their belongings in their cubby, cleaning up after themselves  both while playing and at the table, making up their mats for naps, and putting away their sheets and blankets after nap.


The children will also become more  independent in the bathroom and are guided through washing their hands.   The children also start to develop their fine motor skills by focusing on identifying and writing letters and numbers.

To learn more about our monthly Preschool themes, please contact the center and schedule a tour. 

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