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Our Infant rooms provide a nursery like feel where our infants are well cared for and loved each day. Our classes are split between mobile infants and non mobile infants.  Our policy is never to exceed eight infants in any one room.  


We personalize care for each baby based on information provided to us by their parents.  In addition to feeding, changing, and lovingly caring for your child, we also focus on letting them explore the world around them.  We provide them with a variety of toys and materials that allow them to discover new skills and a sense of self.  


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The children are exposed to language as the caregivers talk, sing, and read to them every day. We focus on tummy time, reaching, grasping, waving, clapping, in addition to many other milestones.   

To learn more about our preschool, please contact the center and schedule a tour. 

For better communication with your child's teacher, download the HiMama APP.

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