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During the school year, we offer special enrichment programs to your children at no additional cost!  We have an enrichment program for our children between twelve months and six years of age focusing on movement, music, or dance. 


For more details about what your child's age group will be doing, please call or email us to schedule a tour. 


See the schedule of enrichments on our calendar.

Computer Skills

computer keyboard key with children on it

Our school focuses on an early introduction to technology by utilizing computers in a structured small group setting.  Throughout the school year, the students work in groups of two with an instructor to reinforce the lessons that are taught in the classrooms.  The children learn that computers are a tool and how to navigate the keyboard, computer etiquette, and use problem solving skills. 

Melody Mom logo

Melody Mom has been teaching rhythm, music, and movement to preschools, daycares, schools, library programs, and community centers for years.  Learning music at a young age has been shown to foster confidence and creativity, boost brain power, improve social development, and so much more!  


They use hands-on play with instruments and a variety of materials: shakers, dancing ribbons, parachute, bubbles, puppets, and more to stimulate imaginations and creativity.

paint colors

Fine Arts

Our fine arts program introduces the children to many different artists.  The children are taught about different artist and then with the assistance of an art teacher, they recreate their own work from that artist.  As the children create, it allows them to express themselves, promotes self-confidence, and encourages fine motor skills. 

Happy Feet Soccer logo

HappyFeet introduces soccer in a way that opens up doors of possibility for young kids both on the field and off.  The goal is for kids to not only learn the wonderful game of soccer, but to have fun, build social skills, improve self-confidence and instill a brave, creative go for it mentality that can help provide the right foundation for the rest of their lives!


Classes include highly structured soccer activities not only with a soccer ball, but also many other fun “props” that are sure to please. Each class incorporates classic nursery rhymes, fun songs and children’s games that have been adapted to incorporate a soccer ball.

Contact Us

You can call us at 973-835-0044 or fill out the form below (no colored pencils required), and we will be happy to get back to you to answer any questions you might have.

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