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Transitional Kindergarten 

Our transitional kindergarten follows the Common Core Standards and helps to prepare your child for Kindergarten or First Grade.  Our Kindergarten teacher is a NJ state certified teacher with three years of experience.  This class expands upon the concepts taught in our pre-k program.  For Language Arts, we use The Superkids (Rowland  Reading Foundation).  For math, we cover a very broad variety of topics such as quantities, number writing, estimation, sequencing, patterns, money, fractions, place value, addition and subtraction.  For science, we discuss insects, life cycles, weather, rocks, and habitats, just to name a few.  

At the end of the year the students proudly put on a play for their families to help them to develop the self confidence and gain a sense of pride as they showcase their strengths.  To learn more about our Kindergarten program please contact the center for a tour.