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Summer is almost here and we are ready for some summer fun, are you? If so, join us at So Big’s summer 2016 camp program! We will maintain our teaching techniques and environment for learning, but add in a few special changes just for the fun and carefree summer time. 
Summer Themes will include:
Week 1: Summer: We kick off the summer by introducing the children to our summer camp program! We introduce them to their new teachers, and they begin to learn the summer routines!

Week 2: America- “Red white and blue, we all love you, the flag has 50 stars on it and 13 stripes too.” This week we celebrate America as we teach the children about our country.
Week 3: Cultures of the World:  The children learn about diversity this week as they embrace the different cultures and traditions of their classmates and teachers.  This week we will be doing a pot luck lunch to introduce children to all different types of foods!
Week 4: Camping- Summer gives us the opportunity to connect children with nature.  This week the children will go on a pretend camp out with s’mores!
Week 5: Beach- Dive under the sea and explore as we learn about the beach and all that comes with it! We will be talking about the beach, different sea animals, and the ocean itself as we learn through activities and art.  We will also be tye dying this week!
Week 6: Music: Unleash your child’s inner performer this week and let them make some noise! This week we will be focusing on music and will be visited by a magician!
Week 7: Olympics- This week the children will learn to work in groups as a team as they concentrate on Olympic sports! They will also get to enjoy water play outside as we host a sprinkler day! 
Week 8:  Puppets- The children get to explore a different part of their imagination this week as they learn about puppets!! They will be wowed by a puppet show and will enjoy a pajama day this week!
Week 9: Reptiles- Rizzo’s reptile will visit our school this week as we learn about all different types of reptiles!
Week 10 – Circus- Come one, come all, come join us for all types of circus event this week as we close out the summer and get ready for the school year! 

​In addition to the weekly themes and Wednesday’s special events the children will have special activities each day! One day a week the older children are taught computer skills. On another day, toddler and preschool 1 have bundles of tumbles, preschool 2 and 3 have Stretch and Grow, and Preschool 4 and 5 have Flyaroo Fitness.  They will enjoy fun with science once a week where the children do science experiments or cooking and lastly, the children are introduced to a Move and Grove fitness program that they will do every Friday! They will follow simple work out routines with their class using the computer as a guide!   
 *Please note: a weekly activity charge ranging from $5 to $10 a week will be charged for your child to participate  in Wednesday’s activity.  The fee information will be given out the week prior.