Our Pre-K program focuses on a variety of different skills to help prepare your child for Kindergarten.  We follow the Common Core Curriculum which is used in all the public schools in NJ.  Our curriculum introduces your children to topics ranging from table manners to fine arts.  The language arts curriculum that we use for this age group is the  Rowland Reading Foundation, Happily Ever After.  We also use a phonics program that helps the child to identify beginning sounds and short vowel sounds as well as writing in a journal on a regular basis. We have the children trace and print both letters and numbers.  Each month a class book is shared with the families and each child takes a turn taking it home and reading it with their families.   For math we concentrate on rote counting, reverse counting, counting by twos, fives, and tens. We introduce the children to measurements, time, and the value of money.  At the end of the year the children participate in a graduation ceremony to celebrate all of their accomplishments throughout the year.   Please contact us for a breakdown of our monthly themes and to schedule a tour. 

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Contact us by phone at 973-835-0044 or email pomptonplains@sobigcdc.com

for more information and to schedule a tour!